Octavio Irving

Octavio Irving is an artist with a work that includes painting, engraving, drawing, installation and photography.

Abel López

A.L could make us think that his central theme is the portrait or the enhancement of collage as an artistic technique.

Ernesto Rodríguez

In the works of Ernesto Rodríguez reappear as a historiography, representations of icons that refer to medieval art.

Luis O Álvarez ‘Pako’

The journey of Adam is the result of studies of religious anthropology, philosophy, symbolism of the Celtic peoples and cultures.

Lázaro R Falcón

The work of Ramón Falcón confirms not only the unbearable condition of private life, but also the current unbearableness of life.

Luis Saldaña

The distortions of forms are located in the work of Luis Alberto Saldaña between the limits of the abstract and the figurative.

Calé Suárez

The work of Calé Suárez is based on the investigation of the surrounding environment, spirituality and human relations.

Erniel Chacón

Erniel Chacón is an artist who works in sculpture and installation, is based on the apparent poverty of the object.

María Karla Watson

His aesthetic, autobiographical par excellence, the persistence of a genre, with vicissitudes and melodramas of his own.

CdeCuba Art Magazine


Its bubbles and crystal architectures are chronotopos in which the national daily epic is narrated in lowercase.

Cuban Art Magazine


Andy Llanes Bultó plays with the paradoxes of subtracting from his dark characters the resentment that their loneliness provokes.

Cuban Art Magazine


The work of Rafael Villares is articulated in an unusual visual aesthetic, impossible to condense in a segment.