Renelio Marin

Art gives Renelio Marin the possibility of creating parallel universes that in turn show different styles and techniques.

Yunior Marino

Yunior Marino revitalizes and is a forerunner of paths continued by other artists of the Cuban context.

Rene Rodriguez

Rene Rodriguez seeks to rescue content, the last almost non-existent redoubt in abstract-minimalist proposals.

Donis Llago

Only in this way can we freely access such intricate universes where everything in appearance is perfect.

Enrique Baster

Enrique Baster’s abstraction is a formal rereading, an interpretation of a «contemporary realism».

Carlos Montes de Oca

For Carlos Montes de Oca, creation is an open window to an infinity of technical and discursive possibilities.

Lisbet Fernandez

Through the infantile and apparently puerile figure, Lisbet Fernández has wanted to get closer to the human soul.

Arassay Hilario

Arassay Hilario’s compositions are rare, they are different, there is a wisdom that comes from his work.

Miguel Angel Salvo

Miguel Angel Salvo’s paintings are dissections of ways of painting, a large thematic collage full of references.

Ofill Echevarria

Ofill Echevarría’s artistic work achieves a multidisciplinary dynamic of languages such as photography, video, and painting.

Jesus Nodarse

In the plastic work of Jesus Nodarse, we can appreciate the creation of imaginary atmospheres highly sensualized.

Lazaro Garcia

Lazaro Garcia is the son of his time, his creations vindicate the postulates of postmodern painting.