CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Reinaldo Cid

The traditional laboratory becomes an alchemical space in which to subvert the anchors of representation.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Victor Manuel Ibañez

Victor Manuel Ibañez walks through the difficult art of painting with lightness, without attachments to manifestos or tendencies.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Carlos Eloy

There is some magic in Carlos Eloy’s works that takes us to complete unrest, an enigma that seems to hide a secret.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Jormay Gonzalez

Concern about «bad things» that happen globally, would be the line of artistic work of Jormay Gonzalez Monduy.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Yeny Casanueva

Yeny Casanueva’s production mediates between a receiver and an actor capable of dynamising the ways of understanding art.

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Yuniel D’Casal

Yuniel D’Casal’s visual exercises come from neoplasticism and Bauhaus, passing through kinetic art or minimalism.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Eliseo Valdes

Eliseo Valdes’ sculptures show that we will always go in search of that challenging, iconic and emblematic image.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Nedine del Valle

In her series of slides, the visual artist Nedine del Valle exalts the little things that give meaning to life.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro Gonzalez explores from a critical perspective the structures that make up socio-cultural plots.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Frank E Martinez

Frank E Martinez elaborates an exquisite and necessary chronicle about the last five years of the Cuban reality.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez presents herself as a kind of shaman, a mediator between the earthly and the spiritual.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.27

Renelio Marin

Art gives Renelio Marin the possibility of creating parallel universes that in turn show different styles and techniques.