Jormay Gonzalez

Parallelism or Parody

By Jehannie Cardoso Leyva

The evolution and external development of humankind has resulted in an internal contamination that, together with the external one, increases unstoppably, becoming almost touchable. It has become an unequivocal symptom of human misery that corrodes little by little, but without stopping and that we tacitly accept by allowing it to absorb us. 

Concern for the «evil things» that happen would be the artistic work line of Jormay Gonzalez Monduy (Pinar del Rio, 1983).

Varying his ways of creating and his techniques along his career, he has matured as a visual artist. He graduated from San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. In his constant creative restlessness, the ideas move him from conceiving a planimetric piece to overflowing the canvas borders in an urge to discourse in his own way. He thus shows that different styles converge in him, intertwining thoughts, conclusions, sensations, feelings or reflections in those who appreciate them. They produce an anti-mutis effect in the public that which is not always reflected in sound waves; sometimes the glance suffices.

Jormay Gonzalez assumes in his photographic works simple postures that he turns into more complex ones with a clever and unexpected result. A reliable example is that of the photograph Pienso, compro, luego existo (I think, I buy, then I exist) (2018). As is known, this phrase –originally pronounced by philosopher Rene Descartes–, is adopted by JGM and adjusted to his purpose of denouncing the prevailing consumerism in today’s society, which keeps it enslaved. But beyond this initial reading, his creative works invite to dedicate a space in the tight personal agenda to be studied inside, to rethink priorities. The naturalness and simplicity with which he proposes this process of internal reinvention goes hand in hand with the simplicity of the image that comes into view.

Parallelism or parody is his way of reflecting most of his themes, with emphasis on politicians, and giving his version of events. This is the purpose of the series entitled 7 días en La Habana (7 days of Havana), on the visit of an American film hero to the Cuban capital. The protagonist is the well known Superman, who flies over central places of the city, and is sociable and eager to become acquainted with the culture and customs. He offers friendship but clearly evidences his elevated position above the island, approaching it but not touching the earth, not equaling himself to it.

It is a fact that the works of Jormay Gonzalez Monduy leave a pleasant impression and offer the possibility of experiencing the taste for the visual arts, allowing the development of ideas, convictions and concepts that help each one to form his own image of the current context.

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